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Are you currently struggling with a difficult challenge in your life? Are you having a hard time coping with a traumatic event, your past or potential future, an illness, or dilemma? Are you experiencing problems with your job, a recent transition, parenting, a relationship, or your marriage?  Are you unsure about what to do or how to handle the issue at hand? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, we encourage to you to consider contacting us here at The Cope Clinic to further discuss how are services may be able to assist you.

Here, at the Cope Clinic, it’s understood how life’s challenges & trials can shake you at the very core of your foundation, leaving you feeling unsettled, anxious, and powerless. We realize how experiencing difficult periods in life can often leave you questioning your decisions and doubting your abilities. We also know that in the wake of these challenges you are often left struggling to hold things together while trying to pick up the fallen pieces. We acknowledge that despite this struggle, you’re still left facing another challenge- reestablishing that sense of emotional wellness and stability. We recognize that tackling this daunting challenge often requires not only the possession of effective coping skills but also a good sense of self confidence. The Cope Clinic is here to offer you the professional support you need.

What We Do

The practice is here to offer you the practical help and counseling services that you need to not only confidently cope with but also overcome the challenges that you’re struggling with. We empower clients with effective coping skills that will enable them to respond healthily to similar challenges and/or problems in their future.

Ultimately, our mission is to provide you with the therapeutic support that you’re seeking today, so that you may attain a renewed sense of hope for your future.

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What Our Clients Say

“Before my first session, I was nervous to tell a stranger about my life, my issues, etc., and feared that I would be judged. None of those were the case. Marisha made the session so comfortable for me, not only because of those cozy couches and blankets, but because I felt at ease communicating my feelings and what I was going through with her. I quickly knew that she was not there to judge but to listen. My favorite part of the experience was having someone to talk to, not just anyone… but Marisha. I knew that if there was ever any issue I may have that she would be there to get me through them.”

“We have been meeting with Marisha for the past few months and its been wonderful! My wife and I have met with 3 other couples counselors over the years that have given us bogus advice and not helped us to really look inside to find the root of our dissatisfaction. Marisha focuses on learned “behavioral modification” to help tackle the changes that we all seek in ourselves for the benefit of our lives and our loved ones, and I can say that she is the only therapist that has really helped me in all these years of trying.”

“I really felt comfortable doing my counseling sessions there. The Cope Clinic really helped me with my issues. I would recommend this clinic to anyone.”

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